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National Cancer Survivorship Initiative

NCSI Reports

Reports from the NCSI projects are available alphabetically below:

Download Active and Advanced Disease Report Summaries [PDF, 45KB]
The Active and Advanced Disease project group have scoped the processes for ‘Getting Back in to the System’, ‘Living Well’ and ‘The Transition to End of Life’.  The summaries are available here. The reports reflect the views of the authors and the individual project groups and are not necessarily the views of the NCSI. The full reports are available on request.

Download Advising Cancer Survivors about Lifestyle. A Selective Review of the Evidence [PDF, 1.61MB]
This report looks at evidence healthy lifestyle during and after cancer treatments is associated with improved physical and psychological well being, reduced risks of treatment, enhanced self esteem, reduced risk of recurrence, and improved survival.  Recommendations are made for diet, physical activity, body weight, smoking and alcohol use.

Download Assessment and Care Planning Workstream Report [PDF, 665KB]
The ‘Assessment and Care Planning Report’, available to download above, summarises the two years of work undertaken by the Assessment and Care Planning workstream. 

Download Building the Evidence [PDF, 2.38MB]
This document is the second evidence publication from the Children and Young People test communities, following ‘Evidence to Achieve Improvements’. The evidence in this report provides a basis on which to design functional models of care for survivors of childhood cancer.

Download Cancer Follow-Up: Towards a Personalised Approach to Aftercare Services. A Review of Current Practice and Selected Initiatives  [PDF, 1.00MB]
This report reviews current practice and looks at how self management could be integrated into models of personalised aftercare for cancer survivors.

Download Evidence to Achieve Improvements [PDF, 1.50MB]
This report holds an initial series of case studies and learnings from the children and young people test site community.

Download Full Report from The 2009 NCSI Conference [PDF, 44KB]
This document details the presentations and workshop sessions from the 2009 NCSI conference.

Download Health and Wellbeing Clinics – Supporting Evidence [PDF, 140KB]
This report details the evidence that supports the piloting of Health and Wellbeing clinics for cancer survivors.

Download HOPE Interim Report [PDF, 1MB]
This report sets out the outcomes for patients and other participants of the testing of a ‘novel’ six session self management course for post treatment breast cancer patients in a Birmingham Trust. This course was one of several new initiatives within a service improvement project to redesign follow up care for breast cancer patients.

Link to – Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer  [Opens link in new page]
Improving outcomes: a strategy for cancer aims to help the reformed NHS deliver cancer outcomes that are amongst the best in the world.  This paper can be downloaded from the Department of Health’s website.

Download Mapping Common Cancers Report [PDF, 749KB]
This paper summarises the immediate outcomes of a key mapping project looking at the ‘survivorship journey’ of people affected by bowel, breast, lung and prostate cancer.

Download Mapping Rarer Cancers Report [PDF, 10.20MB]
This report, compiled by Cancer 52, maps the needs of people affected by less common cancers.

Download NCSI Evaluation Report [PDF, 255KB]
This report presents the findings of a patient experience survey conducted by the Picker Institute as part of the evaluation of the test communities. It describes the baseline survey conducted during July – October 2009 and presents the results of analysis of 1284 questionnaires completed by patients receiving care at 17 test community projects.

Download NCSI Evidence Review – Richardson et al [PDF, 493KB]
This document is a review of the evidence base for survivorship, incorporating consultations with researchers, clinicians and people affected by cancer on their priorities for future research. This report was completed in December 2009. Supporting appendices are below:
Download Technical Appendices 1 Wellbeing Scoping Review [PDF, 773KB]
Download Technical Appendices 2 Consultation [PDF, 1.00MB]
Download Technical Appendices 3 Solutions Scoping Review [PDF, 569KB]

Download NCSI Research Priorities Report [PDF, 488KB]
This report explores what is, and what is not, known about the best ways to care for and support all people living with and beyond cancer and the future areas of research that would be of greatest benefit to cancer survivors.

Download NCSI Vision Document [PDF, 1.44MB]
This document details the vision of the NCSI in improving support for cancer survivors and explores the changes needed to achieve this vision.

Download Patterns of Active and Advanced Disease [PDF, 45KB]
This is a discussion paper covering active and advanced disease from a clinical perspective. It aims to further discussions for developing a generic framework for active and advanced disease, which will help unlock the opportunities for integration across the NCSI.

Download Rapid Review of Follow Up [PDF, 262KB]
This report details the findings of the rapid review of current service provision for breast, prostate and colorectal cancer patients following treatment, carried out by NHS Improvement.

Download Self Management Position Paper [PDF, 186KB]
This paper details the position of the NCSI regarding self management for cancer survivors. It also explores evidence of benefits of self management in long term conditions.

Download Self Management Support: A Review of the Evidence  [PDF, 508KB]
In this report the University of Southampton and the Cancer Experience Collaborative have reviewed existing evidence around using supported self management in aftercare for cancer survivors and discovered seven key areas requiring further research.

Download Self-Management Programmes for Cancer Survivors: A Structured Review of Outcome Measures  [PDF, 870KB]
This report looks at how to apply Patient Reported Outcome Measures to evaluate supported self management for cancer survivors.

Download Self-Management Support for Cancer Survivors: Developing Interventions. An Update of the Evidence  [PDF, 1.25MB]
This report looks at the evidence for supported self management for cancer survivors and compares it to other long-term conditions.  In general, supported self-management for cancer survivors has three levels according to type, delivery and techniques.

Download Systematic Review Models of Care for Follow Up of Childhood Cancer Survivors [PDF, 1.81MB]
This review looked at methods of communication and the role of physicians and nurses in hospitals and primary care in the follow up care of survivors of childhood cancer.

Download The Improvement Story So Far [PDF, 750KB]
This document details ‘the story so far’ in the adult survivorship NHS Improvement test communities. The main focus is to present improvement stories from the test communities who are piloting elements of care and support to inform potential new models of care.

Download Work and Cancer – Expert Workshop Report [PDF, 138KB]
This report summarises the findings from a workshop exploring ways of promoting cancer and work information resources amongst employers and encouraging adoption of best practice.

Download Work and Cancer – Improving Employer Support Dissemination Strategy [PDF, 28KB]
Based on research from an expert seminar, this report makes recommendations as to how to make employers aware of resources to support employees working through cancer and how encourage them to use them.

Last updated on February 10, 2011